Everybody wants to live a long life but there are only a few people who can fulfill this dream. Julia Flores Colque, a Bolivian woman has been fortunate enough to still survive at an age of almost 118 years making her the oldest person alive in the world at present.

Everyone passes through many ups and downs in their lives even though it is short lived and similarly this Bolivian lady has also witnessed many dramatic changes in the society around her in the remarkable life span she has been able to live. She is an alive witness of the two world wars, many revolutions in her native Bolivia and has also seen her town Sacaba grow from a small population of around 3,000 people to a thriving city inhabiting more than 175,000 people within a period of past five decades.

As regard with the proof of her present age, her national identity card states that she was born on October 26, 1900 which means at present she is just short of 118 years of age by two months. The world’s oldest person prior to her was Nabi Tajima, a 117-year-old Japanese woman who died earlier this year. Her death undoubtedly makes Julia the oldest alive person on the planet at present. However, in spite of such a wonderful record in itself, her entry has not been submitted for the Guinness Book of World Records until now and still Julia doesn’t seem to care much about it.

On the other hand, she sings with joy and also plays her guitar as if she is truly enjoying the life at this elder age. Her grandniece and caretaker Agustina Berna says that she has always been active, easygoing and fun. Even though simple, she is still full of life at this grand age. This should easily teach an essential lesson to the youths of today who are madly running after money at the cost of their health that money is not everything in life but in fact it is living our lives in a simple yet joyful way that its greatness truly lies in.