Besides being a shining example of cooperative federalism, the inauguration of Kannur International Airport has booked a new record for Kerala of being the only Indian state to have four international airports, all promising better services.

As Civil Aviation Suresh Prabhu and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the Kannur International Airport on Sunday, it set a new benchmark for how airports will be constructed in the country in days to come. The fourth international air facility of Kerala has been built on a public-private partnership model aka PPP-model. In Prabhu’s words, will “pave way for the state’s overall development and prosperity” as it will benefit boost tourism and exports, and also bring more employment opportunities in the region.

Kannur just got the fourth international air facility of Kerala – the only state to have four international airports, with other three at Cochin, Trivandrum and Calicut. The air facility is spread across 2000 acres of land to be able to serve around 2,000 passengers at a time and will serve more than 1.5 million international passengers yearly and was built at a cost of Rs 1800 crore. Decorated with mural paintings and art works of various dance forms of the state, the Kannur Airport depicts the heritage of Malabar, Kannanda and Indian culture.

The first flight from the airport was by Air India Express carrying 180 passengers to Abu Dhabi; and the airport will operate on countries like UAE, Oman and Qatar. Besides international flights, authorities want ensure UDAN scheme reaches the airport and connecting domestic flights to Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai will be operated. The airport might also soon be powered up by green energy to make it eco-friendly and economy friendly. But for now, Kannur International Airport opened up with a promise of more domestic and international services in India.