Kareena Kapoor has been a lead role of a radio talk show called ‘What women want’ on Ishq 104 FM, where she talks about what women seek, how they struggle each day and the inspiration they get from other successful women – and the latest guest on the show was – her elder actress sister Karishma Kapoor.

A number of famous personalities like Masaba Gupta, Amruta Arora and Sunny Leone has been part of Kareena Kapoor’s radio show, which is also aired in video form. Kareena talks to other women on the show about various aspects and struggles of a successful actress, how does she manage to stay relevant and how does she keep up with the pressure of social media. But the latest episode, as Kareena herself said, was the best episode of ‘What women want’, because the guest of the day was her own elder sister, Karishma Kapoor.

Karishma has had a 27 year long career in Bollywood and she has been the part of transition from the 90s to the modern 21st century Bollywood business. With many ups, downs and career breaks, Karishma has a lot to share with, but as Lolo puts it, “It’s all about changing with time!” Karishma and Kareena also shared memories of their mother and grandmother who were great ladies of their times. Both the sisters talked about how both of them inspire each other may it be about acting, parenting or living in general.

On being asked whether she gets trolled on social media, Karishma shared a funny comment she encounters frequently on her social media. The comment goes something like this, “Tell your sister to pout less!” Appraising Kareena, Karishma spoke about how she has really an inspiration to mothers and all other women for carrying forward her career in such a graceful manner. She makes it look smooth to have a young child and still manage to look good and have an amazing career.