Off late, it has all been about petrol and diesel price hikes in India and as a measure to subside this controversy, several states have announced a cut in fuel prices by reducing the amount of tax levied on petrol and diesel. Following the trend is the state of Karnataka, as CM HD Kumaraswamy announced a cut of Rs 2 in price of both fuels to give some relief to the people of the state.

The prices of petrol and diesel surmounting to an all-time high, the ‘Bharat Bandh’  protests to show their aggression against rising fuel prices and the central government inability to cut down fuel prices has forced the state governments to volunteer fuel price cut downs. States like Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh were the firsts to jump up and announce some reduction in prices of petrol and diesel – which was followed by other states like West Bengal. Following the footsteps to provide relief to people,  Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy announced a cut down in fuel taxes levied by the state.

Upon coming into effect, there will be a reduction of Rs 2 per litre of petrol as well as diesel, providing some ease to the common man. While making the announcement, Kumarasamy expressed how the prices of fuel prices are increasing everyday and since the “people of Karnataka felt that the state government can reduced the prices of fuel by reducing the taxes”,  he announced that “the coalition government has decided to cut down the taxes for petrol and diesel minimum by Rs 2 with a hope this step taken by our coalition government will give some relief to the people of Karnataka”.

This is a significant step for the Karnataka government as it is bound to curtail the rising protest of people against rising fuel prices at least in Karnataka. On the other hand, the price of petrol has crossed Rs. 90 in at least 11 towns in Maharashtra – which is seen to be down with the elections just a few months away.