Blue Whale Challenge has been in buzz since quite some time now and as per unsubstantial reports, the game which has victimized over 130 teens in Russia and Europe, is now clasping India. To fight against this fatal challenge, Karnataka Government has stepped up to avoid any fatalities.

A Russian psychology student named Philipp Budeikin created this deadly ‘game’ called Blue Whale which consists of 50 challenges for 50 days and the final challenge is nothing other than killing oneself. It is not a game, but rather the curators of this challenge target vulnerable victims through social media and manipulate them – guiding them to suicide. So far, 130 people – mostly teenagers, have killed themselves because of this deadly challenge – as per unverified and unproven reports. The challenge has now made its way to India and after few incidents and cases of suicide, the government seems to be concerned about the spread of Blue Whale.

Since there is no defined source or medium that is used by the curators of this challenge, it is very tough to track down, block and stop the game. To stop any fatalities from occurring, the Karnataka State government has stepped up with a potential solution. Although any cases have not been recorded in Karnataka, but with increasing number of teens and youngsters falling in jaws of Blue Whale Challenge – it is necessary to prevent the challenge.

The Karnataka State Public Instructions Commissioner – Sowjanya A has handed out a circular to schools, teachers and parents saying that they must immediately act and respond if they notice any kind of weird tattoos or injuries on children’s bodies – especially arms, legs and lips. Other directives include – keeping an eye if the child continuously watches horror movies, listens to bizarre psychedelic music, post depressing images or texts on social media, keep themselves locked in room and wake up in middle of night. Because the among 50 challenges, the initial dares include – watching horror movies, listening to disturbing music, isolating themselves and watching bizarre videos in middle of night are some of many. So if initial symptoms are detected, the disease can be stopped from becoming fatal – it is just about observing the behaviour. Beware.