Kashmir, the heaven on Earth, has been the centre of negative perception among travellers and tourists because of a number of violent attacks, protests and heavy military presence. But thanks to the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report which indicated that the valley is actually extremely safe for tourists and even women travelling alone.

The was an up-surge in violence rates in the state of Jammu and Kashmir after killing of Burhan Vani on July 8 last year. The news headlines highlighting series of curfews, protest, terrorist attacks, stone pelting and encounters had done nothing more than shaking the confidence of travellers to visit Kashmir. The number of tourists visiting Kashmir fell down to 7.9 lakh compared to 11.27 lakh tourists before July 2016. The hotel industry of the valley state went through a massive loss of Rs 1100 crore since July last year and tourism sector all together suffered a major loss if Rs 3000 crore due to the unrest in 2016. Majority of businesses in Jammu and Kashmir depend on tourism and a massive footfall in the number of tourists has hit the entire state.

But a recent report by the NCRB gives away positive indicators about how safe the state is for tourists and hence brings hope in the state to retain the footfall of tourists back to normal. The latest NCRB report has revealed that Jammu and Kashmir recorded zero crimes against the foreigners and the state is extremely safe for women travelling alone. All in all, 382 crimes were committed against foreigners in India, of which 154 were committed in Delhi alone – and none were committed in Kashmir. The feedback from women travellers from all over has been tremendous with respect to how safe they felt there.

Although the number of tourists in Kashmir has started to regain its regular pace, the locals hope that NCRB’s reports will further help in diluting the negative perception of unsafety among travellers about Kashmir. It certainly is one of the safest destinations for travellers in India and the people of the state, with their toothy smiles and warm hospitality ensure that tourists have nothing but good memories and an unforgettable experience to take back – despite the difficulties they face every-single-day as residents of Kashmir.