One of the many generalised stereotype among Indian citizens for co-Indian Kashmiris is that they are against the Indian army. But a recent incident captured in camera where Kashmiri locals saved army men from an accident-hit vehicle shows the true side of the Valley.

Known as ‘the heaven on Earth’, Kashmir is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on our planet, minus the sordid humanly territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. Sadly, the subtracted part has so overshadowed the natural beauty of Kashmir that the heaven seems more like it’s very opposite. Clashes between both countries since years has most affected just two groups of people – the locals living in Kashmir and the army men deployed in Kashmir. There have been disputes between these two groups internally, hence the general stereotype that Kashmiris are against the army and vice versa; but let’s not generalise anyone.

Here’s the latest example of what the true side of India is – regardless of which state, city, religion or age anyone is. On Sunday, an army vehicle went off the road and met with an accident near Budgam district – immediately, the local youths helped and rescued all soldiers who were stuck in the accident-ridden vehicle, saving their lives. This entire humane act was captured in a video which went viral across social media, showing the true side of the Valley and its people. Later, the locals also offered water and first aid to the soldiers – this is basic human act and anyone would do the same, nothing too extraordinary. But it is important to highlight such small acts to break misconceptions and prejudices – which then roots hatred, and we certainly don’t want that.


The one-and-half-minute-long video was watched by thousands of people and the act of humanity was appreciated by many; including General Officer Commanding of 15 corps of the army Lieutenant General JS Sandhu. The General called it as a true act of Kashmiriyat (Kashmiri-ness) and Insaniyat (humanity) which will go a long way to strengthen the bond of friendship between the locals and the jawans (soldiers). This is one of many such acts of bonding and care, that will go far into future when people will think beyond their own selves – and these little acts of love will come together to make this planet, a better place to live – live in peace.