While Indian state governments are under instil competition of better development and promoting agricultural development, NITI Aayog released the annual SDG India Index 2018 that evaluates overall development of states; and Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu became this year’s top performers.

On Friday, NITI Aayog released a first-of-its-kind index that lists Indian states as per the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The purpose of developing the index is to generate a single yardstick measure to track the progress of each state, and this year’s index will serve as the First Baseline Report. The index lists out all the states based on their performance as per 13 SDGs like progress in social, economic and environmental terms. Based on these factors, NITI Aayog members scored each state and union territory with scores between 0 and 100, and the average performance of all states staggered around 57.

Himachal, Kerala and T.N. top development index

Among all, three states – Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu emerged as the top performers in the SDG India Baseline Report Index 2018. Kerala’s top rank is attributed to its superior performance in providing good health, reducing hunger, achieving gender equality and providing quality education. Himachal Pradesh ranks high on providing clean water and sanitation, in reducing inequalities and preserving mountain ecosystem. And with a score of 68, Tamil Nadu topped the states in poverty reduction. Among Union territories, Chandigarh takes the lead with a score of 68 on account of its track record in providing clean water and sanitation.