A government employee from Ernakulam, PR Sunu has developed the organic farm just a 25-cents adjacent to his office. PR Sunu is 41-year-old guy who is serving and protecting the people of Ernakulam and is regular enough to cultivate farming in ‘Haritha Keralam’ mission.

He daily spends 30 minutes to pour water to plants he has grown on premises. Doing this task on regular base, he is now able to cultivate organic vegetable garden.

Being a sub-inspector of Mulavukadu police station in Ernakulam, he has a team of 18 police personnel who is engaged in farming organic vegetable garden on their open premise. They used to manage task and farming in a smart way to spare enough time for growing vegetables.

Memebers of the Mulavukavu Police Station sowing the saplings at their police compound (Photo Courtesy: The News Minute)

Image Credit: The News Minute

This initiative was started in November last year to promote organic farming in police station, 27 different varieties are detected to grow on this land, just with regular care and sparing few time.

“Our station is situated on a 10-cent plot and it was not possible to utilise any land there. The panchayat officials were co-operative of our efforts and so let us cultivate on the 25-cent plot nearby. Now, from a dry wasteland, we have converted it into a beautiful vegetable garden in a matter of months,” Inspector Sunu says.

“With all pride, I will declare that ours is the best and 100% organic vegetable garden in the state,” he declares.

“We will all eventually get transferred out of here, but there’s something highly satisfying about carrying out farming. Ours is a job that demands us to be on our toes all the time and is one that gives us a lot of tension. For us, farming is a getaway from all of that.”

Mulavukad people are surprised to see the carrot growing just beside the police office and they appreciated them for their exceptional work. Growing in cold temperature will probably help them to extract out good quantity.

The policemen grow carrots and other vegetables in their garden (Photo Courtesy: The News Minute)

Image Credit: The News Minute

Back in April, cauliflower, cabbage and tomatoes were grown in just 3 months of time period. They have used 50 cents of the 1.5-acre compound to grow organic vegetables.

“I got posted at this station in November and saw that a piece of land was being used only to park the vehicles that are seized. The area was not maintained at all and weeds had grown beyond measure. When I spoke to my senior officers about converting the land into a vegetable garden, they were supportive of it. Agriculture department officials too worked with us to develop this space,” said Satheesh, Sub-Inspector of Nedupuzha police station.

The initiative has also influenced the way people perceive them, feels MC Biju, President of Police Association. Speaking to the media, he said, “Not just give protection to the lives and properties of the general public, but also cater to their other needs, is what we are trying to do.”

“As of now, we consume the produce ourselves and some residents just walk in, and take some. We never stop anyone from taking away the vegetables,” Inspector Sunu says for the future of organic farming in government premises.