Kerala govt is all set to expand the use of technology in state by providing super-fast computers and broadband to 45,000 schools.

Inspired by the remarkable success in a technology-based project organised at national & international level, Kerala is on the perfect path to make education digital. It will allow to students to submit assignments digitally along with books & pens. Although, the traditional approach will remain as it is.

Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education stated that a version IT@School started in 2000 by government has gained many national & international awards and recognition. To further carry on achievements, state government will be installing digital education system soon in public schools.

A state of highest literacy ratio which directly competes with world literacy data is now propelling the technology amongst students which helps to nurture the overall development in school time. With broadband facility, Kerala provided nearly 5000 higher secondary schools and government test centres. The operating system and software installed in the computers are open source & free.

Under the IT@School project, a television channel for education called ‘ViCTERS’ (Virtual Classroom Technology on Edusat for Rural Schools) was set-up to provide education to students in a multimedia way.

In August 2017, KITE issued a Rs300-crore tender to purchase 60,250 laptops and 43,750 projectors, the single-largest education tender in Kerala so far. Last November, the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) had allocated Rs 493.5 crore for KITE.

More than 100 schools till date have been equipped with this technology so far. Videos are made to guide the teacher how to use this technology and deliver the knowledge.

Schools started using projectors to stream simple things like school assemblies from a central lab to the classrooms.