The warming approach of nuke-ridden North Korea towards its neighbour-rival South Korea has been a huge surprise in itself and taking it to whole new level, Kim Jong-un has invited South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in for a meeting at Pyongyang “at the earliest date possible”.

The Winter Olympics at South Korea, supposed to be spin-chilling cold have turned out to a hot-political-pursuit, thanks to the North Korean charm towards South Korea. Progressing towards strengthening the possibility of alliance with DPRK, South Korea whole-heartedly rolled out a red carpet to welcome North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s sister Kim Yo Jong and hosting a lavish luncheon for her delegation. During the meet-up, Kim Yo Jong conveyed that her brother Kim was willing to meet the South’s leader “at the earliest date possible” and the summit was to be held at North Korea’s capital city Pyongyang.

However, South Korea was warned by its allies including US regarding North Korea’s charm to be offensive and hence, Moon immediately didn’t accept the invitation. But eventually, Moon Jae-in accepted the invitation to visit Pyongyang on a condition that the circumstances that would allow for such a visit are established from both sides. This open answer from South Korea is an indicator of the current political situations surrounding the Korean peninsula and the condition was certainly established by Seoul, Washington and the international community – including Pyongyang’s traditional allies China and Russia.

If the meeting happens, it would be third of its kind inter-Korean summit after Kim’s father and predecessor Kim Jong Il met the South’s Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun in 2000 and 2007 respectively. Perhaps there are chances that growing relations with DPRK could sow a seed of division between Seoul and their long-term alliance with Washington. It is yet to see if DPRK manages to develop suitable circumstances, good enough for Moon.