After US President Donald Trump dropped hints of possibility of June 12 US-North Korea Summit, the two Korean leaders Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in held a surprise meeting at the border truce village – the infamous dematerialised zone between North Korea and South Korea.

As ludicrous as it is, the round of hot and cold responses from the American and Korean peninsulas ahead of the uncertain denuclearisation summit between US and North Korea, are making it tough to decipher what actually is cooking up. While we know Donald Trump is looking up for brownie points and the equally rogue DPRK leader is leaving no chances of displaying tactical nous – it is all hysteric. The timeline of US-North Korea summit is so dramatic – starting from positive takes from both ends; Kim meets Moon; then Kim cancels denuclearisation talks with Moon; DPRK comments on Pence; Trump gets mad about it and calls off the summit; DPRK re-entry statement; Trump’s heart melts and shows possibility of the summit.

And now, an unannounced meeting at the dematerialised Panmunjom border village between Moon and Kim was held soon after Trump’s hint. Both Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in talked for two hours in the truce village – the same place they had met last month and made a declaration vowing to improve ties. Both of them shaking hands and hugging each other – talking candidly. This surprise meeting between both Korean leaders can be seen as the clearest sign yet that the on-again off-again summit between Trump and Kim is likely to be held as initially agreed, in Singapore on June 12.

While it is unclear, as usual, of what they talked about, South Korea’s Blue House confirmed that both leaders had candidly exchanged views about making the North Korea-U.S. summit a successful one and about implementing the Panmunjom Declaration. Whether or not will this summit be held, still remains a million dollar question – which nobody can surely answer. But, this will soon lead to something – and hopefully it will be something peaceful that will endure, we don’t like nukes anyway.