India has fallen prey to the fatal infectious disease – H1N1 Swine flu and it is spreading each day; but it can be avoided just by educating yourself and making minor changes in your daily lifestyle. Let’s find out how to keep that piggy disease at bay, so that healthy and safe we may stay!

Swine flu has rapidly spread in many parts of world and in India, triggering a deadly pandemic all over the country. H1N1 Swine flu is a very contagious disease, and obviously that is why it is spreading like water so much. But to our relief, it can be avoided with just little bit of awareness and a hint of care in our daily lives – without panicking. Before knowing how to prevent it, we must understand how it spreads; so the disease was actually first detected in patients who came in direct contact with pigs in North America. Over time, the viruses have evolved so much that they are passed on from one patient to another healthy person through coughs and sneezes – pretty much just like common cold spreads.

Alarmingly, initial symptoms are very similar to common cold and that is why many patients are baffled to misunderstand it as common cold, causing delay in treatment. Here are few precautions which can easily be incorporated in your daily lives to keep you safe:

  • Cover your mouth and nose when you go to a very crowded public place or whenever you sneeze.
  • Use disposable paper tissues instead of handkerchiefs and throw used tissues in dustbin; please do not reuse tissues – that is so gross!
  • Avoid frequent touching to your eyes, nose and mouth because your hands may have picked up some viruses and touching these facial parts may lead to direct transfer of those viruses into your system.
  • Keep a hand-sanitizer handy and use it frequently.
  • Wash your hands with anti-bacterial wash and water before eating, drinking.
  • Viruses can spread by droplets of infected saliva residing on common objects like phones, laptops, common desk, and chairs; so avoid touching, clean them if you have to and wash your hands after using them.
  • Consult a physician if you have any common-cold-like symptoms.
  • Wear a surgical mask if swine flu has broken out in your area, don’t be ashamed.
  • Consumption of herbs like Basil (Tulsi), Mint (Pudina) and Lemongrass can boost your immunity because of their therapeutic properties.
  • A small piece of camphor (kapoor) approximately the size of a tablet should be taken once or twice a month – it is very important to know that it must never be taken daily and consult your doctor before consumption.
  • Do whatever you can to boost your immunity – exercise, eat healthy balanced diet, have enough sleep.

These are some common and very easy steps to follow, don’t be ashamed to follow any of these; let people call you whatever they want to because nothing is more precious than our health. It is important to mark that during outbreaks, be more vigilant rather than being scared – keep your eyes and mind open and just be healthy you!