With yoga fevering up across the world as people’s go-to fitness mantra, millions celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21. However, it was an Indian city named Kota of Rajasthan that stole the day with a new Guinness World record. Keeping in mind the trend of huge group gathering for performing collective task to create records, people of Kota performed yoga together in huge numbers and set a new Guinness World record on the occasion of International Yoga Day.

Less than a decade ago, hardly did anyone know about yoga in the western world, but with the inception of the internet-era, new trends spread like water across the world. Today, yoga has become so popular that even international celebrities swear by its benefits – hence, making the International Yoga Day widespread too. Celebrating the fitness day on June 21, a number of people stretched their bodies and flexed their muscles to inhale the deep breath of fitness. Whereas, a Rajasthani city of Kota celebrated the day by securing a world record.

Kota, which is popularly known as the education city of Rajasthan, was almost turned into a Yoga city on Thursday as more than one lakh people gathered to perform yoga at one place at the same time to set a new record in itself. Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru, was aptly present on the occasion to guide thousands of people to perform yoga. The event was also marked with the presence of Vasundhara Raje, the chief minister of Rajasthan at the RAC ground in Kota. People from different corners of the city started to accumulate at the hot spot of the day since early morning on June 21.

As per the recorded figures, 1,50,000 people made their entry into the ground officially through barcode on the exact time to participate in the event. However, the organisers state that the actual number of people who performed yoga at the event was even higher than this. After a successful showdown, the Guinness Team awarded a certificate to yoga guru Baba Ramdev and Balkrishna in the presence of the chief minister. For all the participants, the Guinness Records provide a certificate of the record after entering their entry codes – a bonus besides having participated in the fitty-fit event that it was.