The ongoing Qatar crisis can be considered one of the biggest crisis in Middle East since decades and it is still growing with Saudi Arabia and its allies – UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Mauritius, Mauritania, Libya and Maldives has pitted out against Qatar. Kuwait tries to aid the situation!

A total of 9 Middle Eastern countries have already smeared their ties with Qatar, alleging it for funding extremists and terror creators. All the gulf countries have cut off all kinds of supplies including groceries, food exports and even land, sea and air routes. Amidst the ties severing off between the Gulf nations and energy-rich small yet rich country – Qatar, Kuwait is trying to mediate and solve one of the largest crisis.

Qatar is a home to just over 3,00,000 citizens and yet, has played an outsize role on the world stage because of its great wealth of oil and natural gas. The GCC nations are blaming Qatar for backing Islamist militant groups – including Hamas and the main al-Qaida-linked organization in Syria. The Qataris were also accused of backing Yemen’s Houthi rebels and even the so called Islamic State militants; to which Qatar has strongly denied.

Amidst the Persian Gulf crisis, Kuwait’s ruler Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah is calling on Qatar to exercise self-restraint in its dispute with Saudi Arabia and other regional nations, issuing a statement just hours after a senior Saudi royal arrived in Kuwait with a message from the Saudi king. As per reports of a Kuwaiti media agency, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al Sabah spoke with Qatar’s emir Sheikh Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani on Monday evening and urged him to give a chance to efforts aimed at easing tensions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin too spoke with Qatari emir to reaffirm that Russia is in favour of settling crisis situations by political and diplomatic means, through dialogue. This rises hopes of resolving the fallout because the country heavily relies on food imports especially from Saudi Arabia and the break in all diplomatic ties have shrunk the country’s food resources.