France’s 19-year old forward Kylian Mbappe has decided to donate his entire FIFA World Cup 2018 salary as well as bonuses to charity – because he wants to help those in need and feels that he shouldn’t be paid to represent his country.

Kylian Mbappe, the French forward has secured himself a position in the list of greatest young athletes across the world and at the age of 19, he is the second most expensive player in his category. Perhaps, being one of the richest, money is not what £166 million Kylian chases as he has decided to donate entire match fees that he will receive from FIFA World Cup 2018. Kylian earns £17,000-per-game (plus bonuses on top) (approximately Rs 16 lakh) per game at FIFA World Cup and the money will be donated to charity. While making this goodwill gesture, Kylian expressed how he feels that he shouldn’t be paid to represent his country, which is why he is donating it to those who are in need in his own country as a payback.

Kylian is a registered patron of the Premiers de Cordée association, a French charity organisation that helps sports events for disabled children; and Kylian’s money will most likely go to this charity. While most teenagers sustain on their parents’ money, the young French football sensation – and a teenager, is giving up every penny that he earns from this year’s FIFA World Cup including salary and bonuses. Fans and admirers have been touched by Kylian’s gesture and the world awaits for his journey in football to unfold in days to come.

It was during the match against Argentina on Saturday when Kylian netted back to back two goals within a gap of just four minutes for a sensational win that sent Messi-led Argentinians side packing. The performance made him a sensational forward player for France at FIFA World Cup 2018 and Kylian Mbappe became the sixth teenage football player to have struck two goals in a single FIFA World Cup match ever. The maturity that Kylian has shown with his decision to donate such a huge amount of money paints the humane side of the young rising star – who even messed Messi up.