Drive German, dress Italian may be a popularly used cliché but anyone would willingly interchange those when it is about Lamborghini, the Italian super sports carmaker. The better news is Lambo has introduced its first ever super sports utility vehicle ‘Urus’ in India – at a price tag of just Rs 3 Crore. Just three.. crores.

After 38-days since its global debut at Sant Agata Bolognese headquarters, Lamborghini has launched its benchmark first-ever SUV in India. Actually, this isn’t literally the first-ever SUV manufactured by Lamborghini as the first one was named as LM002 and had retired almost 25 years back. So yes first, and no not first. Now that makes Urus special on its own; and it is important for the Lamborghini India too as they had inaugurated a new production facility dedicated to manufacturing just SUV. The interesting part is, Lamborghini Urus have been launched in India before China, despite being targeted for Chinese market. Now that shows the importance of India in global market. Also, just 1000 units of Lamborghini Urus will be manufactured globally and of that, 25 units have been allotted to India. So just 25 cars in 1.6 billion sized population.

About the car, a 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 breathing out a humble 650bhp of raw power at 6000rpm and 850Nm of twisting force between 2,250 – 4,500rpm channelled to all-four wheels via an eight-speed unit. The off-roader can accelerate from 0-100kmph in a sports car-shaming 3.6 seconds. The top speed of 305kmph gives it the crown of the fastest SUV in production. Lamborghini Urus comes with the fighter-jet-style ANIMA drive selector which controls five driving modes – Strada, Sport, Corsa, Sabbia (sand), Terra (land), and Neve (snow). And there is the ever-present-in-Lambo Ego mode.

To stop the massive mammoth sufficient stopping power has been employed, of course. The front brakes are 440mm in diameter, the largest on any production car, whereas the rear brakes are 370mm in diameter. Both are made out of carbon ceramic, with the front featuring aluminium 10 piston brake callipers, and floating 6 piston brake callipers in the rear. And since it is a Lambo, it is meant to look super sleek, futuristic and elegant sporty car with a dab of masculinity because let’s not forget, it is an SUV after all. The Lamborghini DNA is clearly visible in the interiors and the exteriors.

Want to book one for yourself? Hold on tiger (or tigress), because the bookings for Lamborghini Urus had already opened up few weeks back and the first lot of cars have already been sold and the outlets are not accepting any more bookings. But, don’t lose your hope because you still can have your fancy SUV, you’ll just have to wait for next booking openings, maybe until 2019.