Elon Musk is back with it again, his futuristic view of self-driving cars. At TEDTalk, Elon Musk said that the Tesla’s self-driving cars are just two years away from being a reality! So if you love to take naps and are on the sleepier side of the spectrums, well you may soon be able to sleep while driving a car because the car will drive itself! Puzzling but fact!

The multi-company techie mogul Elon Musk have been talking about building cars which drive themselves and are so trustworthy that the driver could (which by the way, one shouldn’t) take naps! The futurists’ lord and saviour spoke on TEDTalk in Vancouver that Tesla would send a self-driving car on a cross-country voyage from California to New York this year!

Although, when asked whether one should really trust the self-driven car so much and sleep or not, Musk said that no technology is perfect and despite the auto Tesla models that will be 99.99% safe and trustworthy, there is still the 0.01% chance and as safety measures one should never really sleep. Musk is right, as always, I mean how sleepy could one be to sleep while driving, no matter how technologically advanced the systems are! Because after all, they are systems and they are not meant to think spontaneously like how human brain works! They are programmed, so act wisely.

As fanatical as it sounds, Elon Musk is known for making things which seem to be far-fetched and when he says something, he really kind of makes sure that it happens. And if the self-driving car gig works out, that could literally change the face of our existence from how we drive to putting the cab drivers out of work or even acquiring driving license! Think about it, right? From the ‘reuse’ of a freaking used space-rocket to the SpaceX HyperLoops and the Tesla electric cars with unique features, he has made impossible, possible.

With his efforts, those cars are very likely to be a reality very soon. Efforts, because it is a mistake to think that technology automatically improves. It only improves if a lot of people work hard to make it better, better for us!