India is one of the most diversified countries in the entire world, but it has been united for ages and it take more than just the Constitutional law to unite such diversity – it takes the people of India to make it India. Unfortunately, the secularism of India is washing away, it is exposing to the raw majoritarian form which will be fatal for India, as a nation. It will take us, all of us to revive the soul of India – unity in diversity.

India – it is not a country, it is a mega-culture empire weaved with thousands of cultures, religions, geographies and communities. With a population of over 1.3 billion and increasing, 28 states, 1652 languages, uncountable numbers of food dishes, dressing styles, art and literature, the country is a perfect wonder in itself. The country’s constitution was carefully structured inch-by-inch to keep unity and integration of India, intact. But the diversity is too complex and it is getting dangerous with major changes in thinking and majoritarian approach.

For a diverse country, it is really important to consider, respect each bit of the society it boasts, including the minorities. Each community, each religion and each person must respect and celebrate what others do as that is the key to a united and peaceful nation. Something has changed in the core of the country, something has rattled the sense of secularism in India and it is hollowing the foundations of the country from the inside just like termites. Minorities like Christians and Muslims too have as much claims to India as Hindus but the surging Hindu majoritarianism is creating fears and tensions among India’s 180 million Muslims.

Kashmiris are seen as ‘rebels’ but do we even care to know that there are thousands of Kashmiri men working in the armed forces, we only know that they are serving for nation when they die. We count the number of terrorists died, but what we really look for is their ‘names’ and more clearly – which community they belong to. They belong to the community of terror, they are against humanity and there is no other religion they belong to. Despite being in a non-war era, hundreds of men die at borders, at Kashmir to be particular and most of them are Muslims. Does that not make it clear to us that these are the gameplays by the cynical to divide is Indians?

Do we not see that we are one? We do see, but the glasses we see through are tainted with the colour of hatred, through the gameplays of cow protection, Babri masjid issue, celebrity’s crusade against azaan, in the name of disputes with Pakistan, upon terrorism, through textbook syllabuses, through national song and that now we say that they are not completely Indians. These are just plots to divide India and the hell with them because this is not what India is; India is a country which lives on in the small stories of unknown people, who lend a hand and quietly get along with those unlike themselves, even in areas of strife.

The government itself doesn’t have the right to mess with India’s secularism with majoritarian diktat. But we as citizens of India must know that national integration is the internal defence of the country. We should not imagine that merely because we are free and have a Constitution, social cohesion will remain on its own. It has to be guarded, just as the nation’s frontiers are guarded and we must become the guardians of the secular India.

Let us not anything or anyone divide us, let us rise together as 1.2 billion Indians and not as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians or Parsi, not as Kashmiri or Kannada or Gujarat or Bengoli, anymore. We are one, let’s behave like one. Jai Hind.