India is a secular not just merely implied due to the words in the Preamble, but it is a constitution that is a collective set of laws, provisions and rights that guarantees to secure the idea of secularism – taking care of all, under just the single umbrella of Indian Constitution. Today, in the modern era, when most of us hardly find enough family time, some are busy in guiding the country towards intolerance and religious divisionism – and this is just sad, but there is hope.

69 years from now, the entire nation was unified with patriotism – it was when out founding-fathers decided to tailor a law that takes care of a secular, pluralistic and tolerant of all sects and religions. But eventually, progressively and much more sadly, the idea of polarisation and radicalism is rooting into the mind of people. It gets only worse when certain group of people in power, or rather someone who is supposed to be ‘leader’ uses the idea of religious radicalism as an instrument to gain political benefits and national attention. Making the nation intensively palpable, instead of focusing on much important issues like poverty, unemployment and economic development.

A so-called leader who believes he speaks firm for a particular community, impetuously just urged the government to implement provisions for three-year long imprisonment for anyone who calls Indian Muslims as Pakistanis. While tagging anyone anti-national based on their religion is actually an insult in its own, India doesn’t need laws that imprison anyone based on something as dire as that. Rather, every citizen of secular India must learn to respect others and the constitution of India – for a peaceful nation that we could easily have. Also, Pakistan isn’t the only Islamic nation, there are 56 other nations; and the Indian Muslims are Indians, proudly.

The statement itself was a disdained shame, and that just got worse when another radical leader decided to respond with ranting filled with resentment for the entire community. Asking legal Indian citizens to leave the nation because they are not ‘needed’ here, such statements are simply unlawful. In the days when India and its secular foundation are getting sensitive and vulnerable, we don’t require imprisonment punishments or hate speech towards anyone – all we need is a mind to think and act dutifully. Nobody should be imprisoned, neither does anyone need to leave the nation. India equally belongs to every single community, religion and sect – the Hindus, the Muslims, the Jains, the Christians, Dalits, Buddhists, Sikhs and every single citizen of India.

Today, it almost seems like India is eventually falling apart internally. People raging over social media, intolerant and vigilant behaviour towards each other, radicalism and hate of speech – it is all just very sad. Yet, there is hope. There are still people who don’t hold back in expressing their disagreement with hate of speech and radicalism. After statements from Owaisi and Vinay Katiyar, yoga guru Baba Ramdev said that he disagrees with such expressions and that every citizen has equal right to live in India, regardless of their religion. For once and for all, we must think of ourselves as the nationals of India – and not as a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or a Sikh. Then, India will be secular in true sense. Then, there will be peace.