The government is pacing towards Aadhaar linkage and has informed that all SIM cards which will not be linked with Aadhaar card before February 2018 will be deactivated.

Have you linked your SIM card with Aadhaar card yet? Get it done or they might deactivate it after February 2018. Most of us, probably all of us are getting notification messages from our telecom service providers which urges us to link Aadhaar and SIM as per government’s directives. But looks like majority of us are simply ignoring those notices as only 25% SIM cards have been linked to the biometric identity cards – 75% people are simply ignoring it (including myself). But it seems to be high time now because the latest deadline for linkage is February, about 5 months from now.

So in an ideally distributed system, 15% of Indian SIM card holders must complete linkage in one months – so that all 75% will get done by the given deadline, 5 months later. 15% of 1.05 billion SIM card owners in India will be 70 million each month, that is around 3 lakh people each day. See what I meant by high time now, eh? But, the date could be extended because it PAN Aadhaar linkage date was extended thrice, deadlines for issuing Aadhaar itself has been extended a couple of times and the same applies to Aadhaar Bank account linkage – history repeats. But we never know, it might not be postponed at all, so the wise would get it done before Feb.

This linkage was mandated by government so that illegally issued SIMs by criminals, fraudsters and militants can be washed off from the system and the entire network becomes clean and legitimate. If you are worried about handing out your biometric details to telecom providers, fret not because the biometrics cannot be stored by them and it must be sent in an encrypted format to UIDAI for verification. So they have no access to any personal data and if these rules are breached, the offence is punishable with up to 3 years of imprisonment. So in short, get it done as soon as possible, or be ready to lose the number.