French President Emmanuel Macron has been openly and actively involved in making peace in Syria and after justifying America’s airstrike in Syria on Saturday to be legitimate – he said that he was ready to conduct talks with Russia and Iran and retain peace in war torn Syria.

On Saturday, the United States rained with airstrikes in Syria – targeting the  sites of chemical weapons, which breached all international laws and in particular those on their usage in the war torn country over civilians. The American airstrikes turned out to be very precise and no causalities or collateral damage was caused, as per the Syrian and Russian authorities. The stern and bold move was lauded by a number of international leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron who confirmed that the Saturday airstrikes were made jointly by America, the UK and France to clear off from usage of chemical weapons.

Macron said that the move was legitimate and a “long-term political alternative which will allow a transition in a constitutional framework.” During the same marathon television show, Macron also said that he was ready to talk to all, including Russia and Iran, to pave the way for inclusive political transition in the war-torn Syria. Macron expressed that to build peace in Syria and the entire region, it is necessary to make dialogue with Iran, Russia and Turkey and since it is the very important condition to achieve the goal – France is ready to talk to everyone needed.

France has always actively participated in restoring peace as Macron said, “France is the country that has been the most active in terms of diplomacy and humanitarian aid in recent months, and we came at a time when this strike was essential to give credibility to our community.” Also Macron is scheduled to make a trip to Russia next month and one can imagine what the core topic of discussion will be. The French president nevertheless said he wanted to engage in dialogue with all parties involved, including Moscow, in order to find a political solution for Syria.