The helicopter carrying Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis along with a team of five others collapsed during landing but fortunately nobody was hurt and the whole team including CM are safe.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis along with senior IAS officer Pravin Pardeshi, CM’s media advisor Ketan Pathak and three others took off from Nilanga in Latur in the Sikorsky VT-CMM chopper and crash-landed close to the helipad. The CM was on his way back to Mumbai after a breakfast meeting with farmers in Nilanga. After take-off from the helipad, the pilot decided to land back as he observed unlikely wind patterns and during landing, the helicopter got entangled in wires and crash-landed near the helipad.

But despite the perilous accident, all six people on-board including the pilot were rescued safely. Nobody was injured except the CM’s media advisor Pathak who was slightly bruised but was only needed minor first-aid. Soon after the accident, Fadnavis took it to Twitter to inform everyone that he and his team are safe and nobody was hurt.


As per the tweets posted by CM before boarding the chopper, he was on a visit in Halgara village in Latur as part of the Shivar Samvad initiative, which involves interactions and discussions with farmers.