Rajkot’s Alfred High School where Mahatma Gandhi had studied will be shut down, but for a better memorial in remembrance of the Father of Nation. The school is being turned into a museum on Mahatma Gandhi with a budget of Rs 12 Crore.

Mahatma Gandhi studied in the once premium institute of Rajkot, Gujarat called the Alfred High School where he studied in his childhood from 1880 to 1887. The school was constructed during British rule by a political agent Kernel Singh and was the first English school in the region. Originally called Rajkot English School, it was founded on October 17, 1853 and later became a full-fledged high school. By 1868, it came to be known as Rajkot High School and was named Alfred High School in 1907.

The historic school is about to shut down in terms of educational institute but an end of one element is the beginning of another. As per that cliché, the school is turned into a museum which will be dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. The current 150 students will be shifted to a nearby school called Karansinhji High School. And arrangements have been done to shift the students and entire staff by the end of this month.

The new museum will help in gaining tourist attraction to the hometown of Mahatma Gandhi, Rajkot alongside his family home called ‘Kaba Gandhi No Delo’. The museum is expected to display historic things and information related to Bapu’s life and his contributions in achieving Independent India.