A major collision and a deadly accident was avoided at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport when an Air India aircraft and IndiGo aircraft came face-to-face on the same runway. The quick thinking of Air Traffic Controller helped to advert the collision on Thursday morning.

A mid-air smash was adverted at Delhi airport when Air India’s AI 156 was taking off from Delhi towards Goa with around 120 people on board and an aircraft of IndiGo airlines was landing on the same runway at the same time! If the ATC had not acted immediately, there could have been a major accident just like that, boom! Air India flight was

urgently ordered to abort the take-off Had the Air India flight not aborted its take off in time in face of the ‘go around’ by IndiGo flight, the two aircraft could have come across mid-air, said an ATC source while explaining the dynamics of take-off and landing at two adjacent Delhi airport runways – 10/28 and 09/27, merging towards Dwarka end.

“AI 156 with over 120 people on board was rolling at a high speed of 100 knots or 185 kmph to get airborne to Goa from runway 28 at about 11.30 am when the ATC asked it to reject take off. AI flight Captain Amit Tyagi very skilfully managed to reject take off. The AI Airbus A-320 safely stopped and then had to return to the terminal for checks on the brake assembly and tyres is mandatory after high speed rejects,” said a source.

The IndiGo flight 6E-398 was coming from Ranchi and it was given clearance to land but the flight actually decided to go-around just when it was about to touch down the runway 27. IndiGo decided to do so due to ‘unstable approach’. Unstable approach is when an aircraft does not maintain either speed, descent rate or vertical or lateral flight path, among others.

It is not good when two aircrafts, one taking off and one landing comes face to face on the same runway. But fortunately enough, the tragic accident was avoided on time saving many lives.