Once shot by Talibani militants at the age of 15 for promoting girls’ education, the Pakistan-born Nobel Peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai will now study at one of the most elite schools in world – Britain’s Oxford University.

Five years ago, Malala was just a schoolgirl in a small town of Pakistan but on a fateful day, she was shot in head for advocating the right of girls to go to school. At a tender age of 15, she survived the deadly shot but she was not in any mood of stopping; instead, Malala ravaged it up to global level and her story had spread like water across the world, inspiring thousands. Since then, Malala has been unstoppable – she became the youngest girl to receive Nobel Peace Prize and also the youngest Messenger of Peace for United Nations. Adding to the endless honours of Malala, she has now been selected to study at one of the finest and most elite schools – Oxford University.

The 20-year-old Pakistani activist was just as one of the nervous youngsters waiting for their A-level results at Oxford university. On Thursday, she received a confirmation from the University and Malala will now study philosophy, politics and economics at the Oxford University. Going to Oxford is just the latest in a long list of achievements for the brave young woman. While continuing her education, Yousafzai had also founded the non-profit Malala Fund and co-authored I am Malala, an international bestseller.

Malala was also featured in a documentary called ‘He Named Me Malala’ and was featured in Time magazine among the most influential people of the world for 2013, 2014 and 2015. She is also one of the six people who received honorary Canadian citizenship and she will keep advocating and preaching about women’s right to education. Malala is a young brave women filled with loads of inspiration for the world to make a change.