Mumbai: The main attraction of Indians around the world is the tradition we follow, gifted by our ancestors for better living. Everything matters from how we look to what we speak in our society as it decides how well nurtured we are. Wearing a western or traditional, your personality will glow on how colour combination has been chosen to catch the surrounding eyes. Well, the fashion designer also failed many times to carve out the feelings of typical Indian tradition.

Manyawar attributes it to various parameters, from cost efficiency to its strict pricing policy. “We never discount our merchandise as we plan our inventory better to avoid any stockpile up,” said Manyavar’s founder Ravi Modi, who opened its first outlet in 1999 in Kolkata but didn’t expand even after a decade.

No matter, there are many convincing customers till date who choose their colours from Manyawar since generations. Ethnic wear fashion has been stable for decades especially in the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra where wedding fashion is increasing nowadays.

There are many brands who is offering huge discounts on ethnic collection compare to Manyawar where it makes a good competition to give the customer an unmatched quality. Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador who is actively promoting the brand mainly through printed media.