Studies proved that Marijuana, commonly known as cannabis, weed or pot can actually help in reducing the frequency of seizures and also reduce the intolerable medication effects for epilepsy patients. This raises a wave of legalizing medical marijuana around many countries of the world.

Marijuana commonly known as weed or cannabis has always been a target of criticism and controversies, but a study has found that people with uncontrollable epilepsy – a neurological disorder, can effectively reduce the severely intolerable side effects of antiepileptic medications. According to data published in the journal “Epilepsy & Behaviour”, the Cannabinoid Cannabinol (CBD) rich whole-plant cannabis extract is helpful in reducing the frequency of seizures in patients with refractory epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a serious neurological disease marked by sudden recurrent seizures of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness or convulsions due to abnormal electrical activity in thebrain. University of Sydney researchers revealed that 14 percent of people with epilepsy have used cannabis products to manage seizures.

Most of the people who relied on marijuana products for treating epilepsy was because of the ineffectiveness of conventional medications. Researchers performed a retrospective chart review of the clinical records of 272 patients who were taking whole-plant CBD extracts. 86% of those had reduction in seizure frequency, 10% of them experienced a complete clinical response and the remaining patients were either not responsive to treatment or reported an exacerbation of seizures during therapy. The good effects of weedy treatment are better sleep, improved mood and increased appetite.

Considering the benefits of medical marijuana, it is now legal in many regions of theworld and which is a justified step. It is a natural ingredient and if it is put for a good cause which can help millions of very sick people, there nothing unethical or skeptical about it.

P.S.: For all the casual stoners, medical marijuana is legal but only with an approved doctor’s prescription so apparently, just don’t get all excited. Marijuana for a noble cause and not as an addiction. Stay healthy.