In a money crazy world that we are living in, the mad race for money is always on, be it among any class of people. The latest statistics reveal that in the top-notch level, the 34 year old Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now as rich as 87 years old Berkshire Hathaway Inc. chairman Warren Buffett.

At present, both of them are well placed equally at the third spot in the list of the world’s richest men with a total net worth of $81.6 billion each. It is now a question of just another $29 million for Mark Zuckerberg to hold an independent third spot in the list ahead of Warren Buffet and become the sole third richest person in the world after Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates of Microsoft well placed at the first and the second spot respectively.

The rise in the net worth of Facebook CEO is a surprise for many as it was as recently as March this year when he faced allegations over privacy law violations involving Cambridge Analytica, and the issue was a major news story across many countries of the world, which had ultimately resulted in the downfall of market value of Facebook Inc. by $40 billion in a single day. However, the company’s share price marked a remarkable growth in the later phase rising from an earlier low of $152.22 on March 27 to $202 at present on account of the fact that all four main products of the company, namely Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp now have more than a billion users each.

It is quite likely that the young Facebook chief will soon surpass Warren Buffet in terms of net worth but if one would have taken into consideration the amount of donations made by each during the past few years, it would have been different story. If we were to include Buffet’s donations which he has made as a part of the Giving Pledge in the recent times, his present net worth would have been $131.6 billion today in comparison to Zuckerberg who has donated less than $5 billion since 2015. Well, this is a good enough sarcasm on human mentality indicating money is not all that matters but things like donations and charities are also important as they can earn you good karma and respect which are in fact of greater value than just money.