The British fashion retailer Marks & Spencer sees India to be aligning with global fashion as James Munson has once again took over as the Managing Director of Marks and Spencer Reliance India Pvt. Ltd. and he sees a change, a rather positive one.

James Munson was the MD of Marks & Spencer India back in 2011 and that was when the company struggled with selling women shorts in Indian market. After that, Munson left from the post with an image of India’s conservativeness towards global fashion. It was when he took over the same position in India in May that he noticed a surge in demand of the same women shorts – making him believe and say that India is aligning with global fashion. With this development, Munson is all set to take the British retailer’s business to the next level with low-priced products and new stores in India.

Currently, Marks & Spencer works in India in collaboration with Reliance Retail Ltd. and has 62 stores across the country. To provide a digital spine to the retailing, the company sells on three online shopping sites – Myntra, AJIO and Amazon. Now that James sees India as a country that is rising in line with international fashion trends, he has many plans to promote and concrete the company’s roots into India’s fashion market. James also sees India as a market that is increasingly becoming competitive, “which is good for us as well as the consumers”.

Marks & Spencer saw a 62 per cent increase in the sale of dresses since last year as well as a 25 per cent increase in swimwear sales during 2017. There is also a great demand for colour and print in India, so James plans to make sure with their local sourcing that they get additional colour and print into the stores – localising clothes as per local fashion taste. The company will also be focusing on getting opening price points right to give the customer value for money. So India is likely to see a lot of Marks & Spencer fashion around soon.