Mars Wrigley Confectioners, the beloved candy-maker giant is planning to invest $1 billion in order to tackle climate threats at global level; yet another reason to love Mars chocolates, if it wasn’t tempting enough already.

It is a globally known fact that earthy atmosphere and climate is intensely damaged and these threats are as serious as it gets, thanks to us humans. Climate change (not in a good way), is one of the biggest challenges we are currently facing, including – poverty, scarcity of resources, civil wars, population exploitation, etc. But climate somehow outweighs other problems – not that other issues are unimportant or small in any form – but it’s just that if we won’t do anything about our dying climate, we might not exist at all to have other issues. Now some would still be wondering if anything like climate change exists (POTUS), but the wise know what exactly it is and it mustn’t be ignored at any point, in any form.

As a responsible member of this world, the British chocolate-maker firm which is world’s largest chocolate producer, has pledged to spend $1 billion on ‘Sustainability in a Generation’ plan. In fact, it doesn’t just focus on climate but rather, the plan is to achieve three targets – healthy planet, thriving people and nourishing well-being. From the investment of $1 billion, Mars will develop windfarms for renewable energy generation and plans to completely shift to renewable energy by 2050; it will also concentrate on efforts to reduce other carbon emissions and wastes. It plans to go renewable energy dependent in 11 countries including Russia, China, Australia, and India by next year!

Now, if you thought that Mars Wrigley makes food just for humans, well, let me tell you that the company actually makes pet food products under brand names like Whiskas and Pedigree. To make pet food, fish is a major ingredient – so sustainable sourcing for fish will be developed my Mars; this will help in maintaining the aquatic ecosystem by balanced number of fishes. That’s most of the greener bit of Mars’ billion-dollar eco-friendly plan.

The chocolate maker will also promote small farmers by developing cross-company groups like Cocoa Action and Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming to promote small farmers and help them with their livelihood. The plan they say, is not just about doing better business, but it is about doing what is necessary for the planet. And investing a billion dollars is certainly a big number, but the bigger news is actually about speaking up and doing something about it. Hail  Mars Chocolates, hail for good!