In a major surprise, researchers have found massive mountain ranges and three massive, deep sub-glacial valleys which were hidden in the ice of Antarctica – the undiscovered fanatical world that it is, in absolute dead whites.

The icy mantles of Antarctica hides a truly fanatical world in its icy contours, that are still undiscovered and all revelations has always surprised human beings. A team of British researchers used air-borne ice penetrating radars called PolarGAP and satellite data to map the sub-glacial landscapes that are buried under the dead-white icy contours of Antarctica. To their surprise, the found monstrous mountain ranges and three huge, deep valleys that were linking two major parts of the Antarctica – the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet and the far bigger Eastern Antarctic Ice Sheet.

A rendering of the mountains and canyons below the ice. Image Credit: Tom Jordan/Northumbria University

Among the three valleys, the largest one is named as the Foundation Trough and its size will surely bewilder you – as it ranges from more than 350 kilometres length and 35 kilometres of width. That is equivalent to the distance between Delhi and Shimla – a massive landscape structure. The other two, named as Patuxent Trough and the Offset Rift Basin are equally vast and stretches across more than 300 kilometres length – 15 kilometres width and 150 kilometres length – 30 kilometres width respectively. This discovery is one of the biggest revelations in the icy continent that is basically a dragon territory for ice researchers.

Not only do these sub-glacial landscape are the evidence of lively past of the frozen continent, but researchers found that these mountainous region is preventing ice from East Antarctica flowing through West Antarctica to the coast. Researchers believe that these three sub-glacial valleys can be helpful in future, to channel the flow of ice from the centre of the continent towards the coast, in future when the ice thaws. It is amazing to know that there are such massive monstrous pieces on our planet that are unexplored and buried in the mysterious fanatical world that secures dramatic past and an unexpected future – deep in the dead-white snow.