At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, PM Modi and US President’s daughter Ivanka Trump launched the indigenously made Indian robot named Mitra, by pushing its start button at Hyderabad on Tuesday.

All eyes at the GES were on them when two leaders pressed Mitra’s start button, it greeted them with a ‘Namaste’ and then moved ahead to have conversation with them. Mitra, developed in India by a Bengaluru based start-up called Invento Robotics, aims to provide customised and contextual information to people. The launch of Mitra marked India’s entry into the global race of launching social robots, who are capable of interaction with humans and provide various services. Being a home to tech-masterminds, India is expected to come up with outstanding technological inventions and products. The ‘Made in India’ robot truly reaches that benchmark with its capabilities to interact, assist and learn at the same time.

About the company that developed Mitra, well it was founded by Balaji Viswanathan – who has been in limelight for having most number of followers on Quora. Vishwanatha has previously worked with companies like Microsoft and others, after which his company, Invento Robotics was launched in 2015. Talking about the new robot, Mitra has been completely designed and developed in India. A senior executive said that the idea behind the robot was to provide customised and contextual information to people.

Mitra works on a propriety operating system and they already selling multiple versions of the robot, customised for different sectors such as corporates and banking. In order to incorporate within the humanoid, it uses different chipsets depending upon the customisation and integrations. All in all, it was a proud moment for the entire nation as we step into modernisation and changes.