New Delhi: Caste, religion, financial status with regards to relational unions in India, they’re far an excessive number of obstructions to overcome.

Be that as it may, playing despite seemingly insurmountable opposition is this recently marry couple situated in Dubai, Junaid Shaikh, who is a Muslim, and Garima Joshi, who is a Hindu.

Both of them knew each other from school (Symbiosis, Pune), where Shaikh was Joshi’s senior. A long time later, while doing their masters, they caught each other in Dubai and fell for each other. They faced resistance from their families, yet at long last when their relationship got endorsed, they chose to have a totally hatke wedding, dispossessed of the conventional nikahs and pheras.

“Hindu-Muslim, it’s a taboo… We knew since the time we started dating that our relationship came to a full stop,” said Junaid.

But fortune smiled down upon the young couple, as their families tossed aside religious prejudices and accepted their relationship wholeheartedly.

“We were dating for a long time and I never knew this would happen. This is the best day of my life,” a visibly emotional Junaid confessed.

To mark the happy occasion, the bride and groom decided that their wedding would be a celebration like no other.

“We’re not doing a nikah, we’re not doing pheras. We are just having a celebration. It’s a celebration of two cultures and two families spending the rest of their lives together,” Junaid said in a video shot by Shutterdown Photography, which documented their marriage festivities.

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The video, which was shared on social media on April 17 by Shutterdown, has collected more than 44,000 perspectives. Individuals saluted the couple on their wedding and commended their union as the triumph of affection overall chances.

“Awwww…This video can only bring a smile and tears of joy! Mabrook mabrook Junaid and Garima!” wrote one Facebook user.

“It takes a lot of courage to love someone out of your religion and culture and be with that person for the rest of your life. Wish you all the happiness in the world,” another well-wisher commented.

Here is their pre-wed shoot: