Bhubaneshwar: Wile 500 & 1000 has been expired tender in Indian currency, this boy smartly utilised Rs 500 notes to generate electricity and tested it by switching on the bulb.

A science student from of Khariar College in Nuapada district of Odisha, Lachman Dundi, on Wednesday invented the method which produces electricity using the silicon present in the old Rs 500 notes.

“On exposing these notes to sunlight or any other form of light, the silicon produces electricity. A silicon plate is needed to be attached on one side of the note,” he said.

To light the electric bulb, you will at least need 220 volts. So the wire is attached with a note which is connected to a transformer that produces enough power. Extra 5 volts can be produced by sunlight. This is how he utilised the natural sources of energy.

“We can use the electricity for 24 hours if it is stored in a battery,” he added.

He also found some possibilities to even run cycle and generator through energy produced from urine, the idea which we first watched in ‘3 idiots’ movie. Furthermore, he has been seeking government help to fulfil his dream of producing enough power without major expense.

This unsung genius has experience of selling LED Bulbs assembled by him in local market. He is the son of Tirtha Dundi and Suadei Dundi of Kotamal village under Khariar area.

His science teacher at Shree Maa Girls’ High School, Kendrapara, Pravat Kumar Parija said that the solar panels that produce electricity are made up of a series of interconnected silicon cells joined together to form a circuit.

“If the Rs 500 currency note has really got a coat of silicon on it, it can be used as solar cells to produce electricity,” he further added.

“It needs to be scientifically examined if the scrapped Rs 500 note has any coat of silicon on it. If it has really got a coat of the metal, it can be used for producing electricity,” he said.