Ram Nath Kovind has just been elected as the new President of India and while he is yet to take his oath, the new Presidential team is being tailored. Who will be Kovind’s personal secretary, press secretary and joint secretary has already been decided.

Pranab Mukherjee will complete his five-year-term as the President of India on Monday, and the newly-elected NDA candidate, former Governor of Bihar and a Dalit BJP leader – Ram Nath Kovind will succeed Mukherjee’s chair. As per rules, with a new president comes his/her own new team and the Union Ministry has already appointed Kovind’s new secretarial team. As per the reports, Sanjay Kothari who is a former IAS officer from Haryana and the chairman of Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB), has been appointed as the secretary of new President.

For the post of joint secretary, Gujarat’s Residential Commissioner in New Delhi and Forest Service officer – Bharat Lal has been chosen by the authorities. And finally, a senior journalist and fellow person at Observer Research Foundation (ORF) Ashok Malik will be Press Secretary to the new President. These three are the closest people to the President of India and will handle and deal with matters which come under the President of India’s duty. All three candidates are approved for appointment by the Appointments Committee of Cabinet, headed by the Prime Minister, for the respective points for an initial period of two years.

The team together will complete important tasks and help the President with their expertise and experience. It is an important job because the President, being the first citizen of India, represents the entire country and is also the chief commander of the Indian armed forces. Every single decision must be made wisely, for which the wise team has been tailored, in the interest of the entire nation.