US First Lady Melania Trump stepped out in Sicily – Italy, wearing an utterly expensive around $51000 Dolce & Gabbana jacket while she was accompanying her husband Donald Trump at the G7 summit in Italy.

While on international trip with US President Donald Trump, Melania has made a concerted effort to wear designers from each region she visits. But when it comes to fashion, the first lady seems to have a soft spot for a particular set of Italian designer – the Dolce & Gabbana. Mrs. Trump made the price of Hillary Clinton’s controversial Armani jacket look like child’s play when she stepped out in Sicily wearing a $51,500 silk coat from the Italian designers featuring an all-over 3D, techni-colour floral embellishment which she paired with a cream coloured brocade cocktail dress, matching nude pumps, and a coordinating floral clutch, also from D&G, with a Swarovski crystal clasp, which retails for $1,630 and appears to be sold out at most stores.

Clothes can be deeply symbolic. And Trump’s choice of Dolce & Gabbana – an Italian brand that has been deeply inspired by Sicilian culture – for a trip to Sicily makes sense, at least for her as she is known for her particularity about dressing and fashion. And there is something about D&G that makes Melania spend thousands as throughout her international trip, she wore D&G four times! Which is definitely a lot from single designer brand.

People may be skeptic about her overly pricey jacket, but frankly, the floral coat is beautiful. And when we focus on the price tag of designer fashion, be it sneakers or silk coat or a floral jacket, the question is about the intrinsic value of fashion. Often, the worth of any piece is calculated only in terms of its raw materials and labour but that is just a vague presumption. Instead, creativity, artistry, beauty, status, delight, individuality and a host of other intangible notions should be tallied as well.

And there is a general expectation and belief that leaders should display empathy for less fortunate ones rather than displaying their good fortune with fancy apartments, expensive cars and designer clothes. These luxuries can easily wall a person off from those who struggle to buy groceries every week. But let’s just say that those are just clothes, they are not cruel, they are not fatal, they are not uncaring. So why criticise it? And the decision of what to wear, well that’s left to the people who wear them.