Say hello to all new Microsoft Surface Pro which is twice as amazing as it predecessor with much long-lasting battery, speedy processor, better pen and much more. Apple iPad Pro, cautious.

The new, fifth-generation device simply called Surface Pro won’t look or feel drastically different from its predecessor but there are significant improvements under the hood which Microsoft thinks will help the new laptop-tablet hybrid to compete with others from Apple, and Samsung mainly. With the starting price tag of $799, the exterior of the Surface Pro looks a lot like previous models but a closer look reveals a slightly more rounded, less edgy design which features Microsoft’s 12.3-inch Pixel Sense display, an adjustable kickstand and a sturdy magnesium body. Surface Pro embodies one USB 3.0 Type A port, a mini DisplayPort, Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect port and a microSD card reader just like its predecessor.

So what is new and what will make Surface Pro stand out among others? Well it is getting better from the inside, you know, inner beauty stuff. Not ‘beauty’ literally though. So, back to point, Surface Pro boasts a battery which will provide 50% more battery life that is double the battery time from its previous versions! That is attractive. It also packs the power of a 7th generation Intel Core processor into a new fan-less and whisper-quiet design. Then there is the kickstand that is capable to recline all the way back to 15 degrees.

Next comes the Surface Pro Signature Type cover which promises a better typing experience, a full-size glass trackpad and so-called Alcantara material, an Italian fabric used in many luxury cars and this covers cost you an extra $30. The cover is available in three colours: cobalt blue, platinum or burgundy and to be honest, the covers can be vouched for the aesthetic look and feel they deliver.

And now the better pen; the newly improvised Surface Pen which has 4,096 pressure levels of sensitivity, compared to 1,024 on the previous generation. There’s even a stronger magnet for attaching the pen to the side of the computer, theoretically reducing the likelihood that it will fall off or you’ll lose it. But here’s the bummer – pay an extra 100 dollars to get your pen, alas. And you need to pay extra for the keyboard too. What is your take on the new Microsoft Surface Pro?