Microsoft Corp, the tech giant turned up the heat on other technology giants by launching new image and video recognition products which could help it court businesses worried about running ads next to offensive content.

Microsoft’s latest moves underscore how it has evolved from its staple Windows software to the cloud, where it is competing with Amazon to sell data storage and computing power. Extra analytics such as image recognition may prove key to luring Web developers. Microsoft’s Video Indexer has similarities to a tool Google launched in March; Inc. also said last month it could flag insulting images via a cloud-based service.

Irving Kwong, a senior product director at Microsoft said that it is harder to understand what’s in a video the longer it is. But Microsoft’s Video Indexer analyses videos far faster than humans can, could help a user harness and get more out of the video content that they have. The tools launched in preview by the Microsoft Cognitive Services unit with the sole aim apart from winning the business – data.

These tools will allow people for powerful computing and improve the tools at the same time, because processing more data is key to reaching artificial intelligence. Research firm International Data Corporation has forecast the market for such tools will balloon to over $47 billion in sales in 2020 from $8 billion in 2016. So will these tools safeguard users from offensive content that is floating around the internet and especially social media these day?