After 20 years from the release of Visual Studio, latest 2017 is now available for download with speedy installs, new cross-platform tools, better footprints and streamlined up settings.

We have news updates about the update from Microsoft for the up-to-date developers; too many “updates” up there innit? Well, I couldn’t help mentioning “update” ever since I came to know about the release of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017, an integrated development Environment (IDE). It has been 20 years since the first release of Visual Studio in 1997 and Microsoft has always evolved efficiently with time.

VS 2017 brings new capabilities to build all sorts of applications for all kinds of platforms, life just got a tad bit easier for all our creative developers out there, right! Microsoft claims it to be the “most productive” version to date. A 60 days’ preview version is now available for open download and supports Mac, Linux and other significant platforms.

The new Visual Studio seems to have come up with an agenda of “helping any developer to build any application using any platform” and if that is true, this version of VS can raise new horizons for the success. Even if you are a loyal Windows user, it’s just good to have options on hand, it really is, trust me.

The new IDE focuses on mobile and cloud application development. “Visual Studio 2017 delivers a great cloud and mobile development experience, boosts DevOps capabilities to drive higher levels of collaboration and productivity for developers,” said Narendra Bhandari, General Manager, DX, Microsoft India. Though the highlight of this version is a look-and-feel that is more modular than previous versions hence enabling initial install and start-up lightweight. Not to forget the cross-platform version.NET Core which enables building web applications for Linux as well as Android. Let’s see how vital the new version proves to be.