The bold German Chancellor, Angela Merkel believes that military intervention with North Korea can be avoided through peaceful diplomatic solutions, and escalating rhetoric with the Korean kingdom is wrong.

You know the major reason for all the tension between United States of America and North Korea? It is linguistic gap. Now we all know that US President Donald Trump is so very fond of gibberish and he is so candid about his speech that he once riffed about a ‘celeb magnet yacht’ at a National Boy Scouts event, and then he was talking about being successful and getting all the ‘momentum’ one wants. So the point here is that American President makes some statement and the North Koreans, who don’t know English language and certainly don’t know about the ‘jolly’ nature of dear Mr. Trump – they take every statement literally. And they answer with yet another missile test.

Well, it is not just that, but this point plays a significant role because diplomacy is all about how we talk to others and how we verbally develop relations between two countries. Marking this point, German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed her split with President Trump on his tough rhetoric and said that she believed it was wrong (she’s right!). Not just Trump, Angela pointed it out to all sides, including Kim Jong-un; oh, she’s wise. During her Friday speech delivery, Merkel also said that crisis with North Korea can be solved by negotiations and military conflict is certainly not a solution.

The German leader also cleared that Germany will not automatically back the US in a war against North Korea and the catastrophe can be avoided and everything must be done to do so. Merkel has been trying to do her part of diplomatic approach in solving the issue, but diplomacy don’t just work if they keep talking with no actions. Markel hopes that joint efforts of EU countries like Germany and France could play an active role in securing peaceful solution for the US-North Korea crisis, just like it did for Iran’s nuclear program earlier – because history repeats.