Eddy, a robot measuring less than a foot tall and resembling a life buoy, built with military grade sensors and loaded with image processing features will help in growing plants in a pesticide free and water efficient crops without soil.

Meet Eddy, he can help you grow food plants. Eddy is a tiny little bot measuring less than a foot height and looks like a life buoy, loaded with military grade sensors and image processing technology. Flux IoT’s Eddy learns how to grow food while a former military technologist and ex-journalist sit in a transparent bio-dome on a rooftop in the Jewish-Arab Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Jaffa, Israel.

The inventors’ intention is to help amateur indoor farmers and industries to grow food plants and crops in a pesticide free and water efficient crops using hydroponics which is a technique of growing plants without soil. With just a tank, a pipe, a pump and willingness, anyone can grow their own veggies at their home. As a child of Internet-of-Things (IoT) revolution, Eddy is a smart little robot with sensors and WiFi connectivity. Eddy sits in the water source and measures its nutrient content, pH level and surrounding temperature and communicates the information to the farmer through a smartphone application.

Eddy also advises steps to improve the health of crops for leafier, juicer results. Eddy also instructs about which crops to plant together, when to add which nutrients, light intensity requirements and other useful instructions. It is like having a teeny tiny personal crop mastermind for results that you can actually taste.

People are leaning towards growing their own veggies for a pesticide and chemical free organic diet. Eddy can help transform the concrete rooftops and balconies into lush gardens and farms just for a healthier diet, a healthier environment and just a better life.