Here’s another nudge to Digital India dream with a major change that is being planned and will change the way internet is used in India. The idea is to boost up the minimum mandatory internet speed to 2Mbps, which is four times more than current minimum speed mandated by the government – which is 512Kbps.

Slow sluggish internet and days when loading and buffering takes up more time than actual usage will soon be gone for good in India – as the Government is planning to kick-start the process of giving a major propulsion to minimum internet speed in the country. At present, internet service providers are mandated to provide a minimum speed of 512Kbps, but after the new rules, it will be boosted to 2Mbps. This will majorly help India in catching up with developed countries and combat tardy internet speed.

As per 2017 Q1 reports by Akamai Technologies, the average internet speed in India was 6.5Mbps, which lands India on the 89th rank in terms of internet speed – way too behind despite 4G. Can you guess which country is on top and what would be the speed? It is Korea with the average speed of 26.1Mbps, yeah that’s average which means they are playing around at 40-50Mbps top speed. But don’t be disappointed, as India is prepping up to brace 5G internet and that will significantly boost the average and top speed of internet – but that is an entirely different story.

About India, the India has increased its average internet speed by 87%, which is the highest progress in whole world and is still increasing – thanks to Reliance Jio. And, with 17% IPv6 requests, India has become one of the top ten countries providing IPv6 service – which is always higher than the speeds provided by IPv4. Again, thanks to Jio for IPv6 because they largely use the service and 79% of IPv6 requests in India come through Jio. If the government mandates the minimum speed of internet to 2Mbps, it will boost the average internet speed to a significant level. Waiting for high-speed internet already? We are too.