The literally minty herb ‘mint’ which is widely known as ‘pudina’ in India will surely become your go-to herb this summer after reading the health benefits of the fresh herb. The herb isn’t just meant for the delicious ‘gol-gappas’ and the very famous ‘mint-chutney’; apart from being refreshingly yummy, the herb is really healthy and nutritionally rich.

Apart from being healthy and nutritious, it also helps to aid digestion, improves oral health, treats cold and more. One can use this leaves in many ways like seasoning your salad and adding it to your cup of tea etc. Here are the appealing health benefits of minty mint.

  • Mint leaves are packed with anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, which provide relief to the stomach muscles and help in digestion.
  • The herb is naturally soothing and can alleviate inflammation and rise in body temperature, which is often associated with headaches and migraines.
  • The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties work wonders for acne-prone skin. Also, when applied topically, mint has the effect of calming and cooling the skin affected by insect bites, a rash or other reactions.
  • It soothes the stomach instantly and works wonders when treating tummy troubles. For example, pudina chutney that is served with samosa is not just to enhance taste, but helps catalyse digestion too.
  • Pudina helps in treating cough and cold because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve inflammation along the respiratory tract.
  • As mint is packed with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, vitamin C, D, E and small amounts of vitamin B complex, it helps in improving the body’s immune system, keeping it safe from infections and inflammation.
  • It also helps relieve bloating, abdomen pain, nausea or vomiting on an empty stomach, or after food. Pudina leaves can be consumed after being soaked in water for a few hours or by extracting juice from the leaves.

So next time you have a salad or a sandwich or just a plain lemonade, add up some chopped mint leaves for extra flavours, absolute refreshment and soothe you this summer.