NASA had scheduled the launch of a sounding rocket which would paint the sky colourful, yesterday but because of cloudy unfavourable weather conditions, it has been postponed to tonight! Yay, we have a second chance!

NASA was all set to paint the sky and build artificial clouds as a part of one of its scientific tests, but the nature seemed to be against it last night and it had to be rescheduled. It was the sixth attempt last night for creating glowing, artificial clouds in the night sky to track particle motions in space. The launch of delayed because of clouds as they impact the ability to test a new ampule ejection system designed to support studies of the ionosphere and aurora.

And that is why the launch of the impressive-sounding Terrier-Improved Malamute sounding rocket has been postponed to tonight. And if everything goes well tonight, and the sky remains clear, then the launch from NASA’s Wallops Space Flight Facility in Virginia will be a colourful one with the rocket creating glowing artificial clouds that can be seen in the night sky above the Eastern U.S. So it is like a chance for everyone who somehow missed to enjoy the vividly splashy sky show! It is like the universe is telling you to watch it, so, go watch it.

Where to watch it? Well, here are the links, just in case if you missed yesterday’s post: the whole event will be live streamed on NASA’s UTStream live streaming and they will also keep updating on their official  Facebook and Twitter pages. And please, dear sky, remain stark tonight because it is all fun and we-got-another-chance after first postpone, but let’s be honest for a hot moment here, rescheduling over and over again is not fun. Anyway, don’t miss this chance now, seriously. And don’t be lost in space on the next launch.