Fashion has no limit when it comes to creativity and fashion shows are like pen to writers, they are the perfect medium to transform designer’s imagination to reality; and for imagination, sky is the limit. To get closer to the limit (the sky), designers arranged a fashion show on the edges of a 233-metre-high tower in China!

Fashion shows are all about experimenting with looks, costumes and make ups. Models and fashion designers show immense guts when they bring a unique, never seen before trend on the ramp. But when all that gets too boring, how about revamping the ramp? This fashion show we are talking about not only tested looks and costume, but also the guts of models. 40 top-notch models walked on top of the 233-meter-high Macau tower in China during the launching ceremony of the 10th World Supermodel Production and International Fashion Show on May 23, 2017.

Models from 26 countries and regions performed during the ceremony on the 233-meter-high Macao Tower which happens to be the highest commercial sky jump in the world. Although the safety of models was absolutely taken care of with secured harnesses, it is still a nerve-wrecking job to do. But without any hitch of fear, the models walked proudly on the parapets of the Macau Tower.

This fashion show was definitely first of its kind and has set a new ‘high’ benchmark for international fashion. Although, considering the safety risks, some people criticised the concept. And the zero-figured models are pretty light-weighed and at that height, imagine them being taken away with the wind? Okay, that is un-really cartoon-ish thinking. That was one amazing show and definitely an applaud-worthy fashion show.