Not the Nobel, but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sure won the Seoul Peace Prize 2018 for his “Modinomics” that has contributed in developing international cooperation and global economic growth.

The South Korea based Seoul Peace Prize Cultural Foundation was incepted in 1990, commemorating the successful 24th Olympic Games held in Seoul, and every two years, they award people who have contributed in building a peaceful society. This year, a total of 1300 nominators had applied to become the laureates of the peace prize and the Award Committee decided to bestow PM Modi with the prize as he was “the perfect candidate” for this year. Modi will be presented with an award, plaque and honorarium of $200,000 on mutually convenient timings.

The award committee said that Modi was chosen as the winner based on his contribution in growth of Indian economy as well as global economies using his bold economic tactics – popularly known as “Modinomics”. The committee stated how his moves have helped in “reducing social and economic disparity between the rich and the poor in India”, which makes him the “perfect candidate”. They have cited how the economic reforms in India have helped 1.35 billion people living in India and ties with a number of countries have improved human welfare and promote world peace via a stable global economy.

Upon receiving the honours, Modi has become the 14th recipient of the Seoul Peace Prize – in line with global dignitaries like German Chancellor Angela Markel, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and organisations like Doctors Without Borders and Oxfam. Albeit this is a matter of pride for the entire nation, but we are still wondering about how we all may have just missed the growth party on ground zero. Achhe din, “indeed”..