In the third phase of campaigning for upcoming Karnataka Assembly Elections, two major national parties – BJP and Congress will find themselves facing in fierce competition as PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath will address rallies, at the same time, Congress President Rahul Gandhi too will conduct rally in Karnataka.

It is a battlefield in the poll-bound state of Karnataka as the elections on May 12 get closer each day, and with each day, the political parties see competition getting intense; and so are the campaigns. Today, both Congress and BJP will undertake the third round of election campaigning in Karnataka and hold rallies in the state today. Earlier this week, Janata Dal (Secular) leader Deva Gowda and PM Modi had conducted a rally and speculated the BJP-JD(S) alliance while not leaving a chance to lash out at the Opposition. On the other hand, this is Rahul Gandhi’s eight trip to Karnataka for the campaigning of Karnataka Assembly election.

Today morning, PM Modi launched the third leg of election campaigning and will be addressing rallies in Kalaburagi, Ballari, and Bengaluru; he will be joined by Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath in the rallies. Later, BJP has scheduled a lined-up galaxy of leaders of the party – including Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari among many others who will be addressing to public for next few days. Yogi will also address public meetings at Sirsi, Sagar, Balehonnur, Belur, and Honnalli today; and will address at Haliyala, Muddebihal, Mudhol, Teradala on 4th; and Sedan and Balki on May 5. After completion of the first round, the next campaign leg will start from May 5th and will run till May 12 – the final day. By the end of the entire election promotion campaign in all, Modi will have completed a total of 21 rallies in Karnataka.

Congress too has big plans ahead of the election with party president Rahul Gandhi visiting and holding rally at Bidar district today. He will also hold meetings at Aurad, Bhalki, and Humnabad the same day and has jam-packed schedules to visit Karnataka again from May 7 to May 10. While outgoing CM of Karnataka Siddaramaiah will be holding independent rallies and processions in the state. The delegation also sought the constituencies of Belgaum North, Gokak, Yemakanmardi, Badami, and Bableshwar be declared “critical” and Central Armed Police Forces and micro observers “be deployed forthwith to ensure a level playing field for all parties”.