PM Modi is on a 3-day bilateral visit to the tiny Jewish state – Israel and apart from the hearty welcome from Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Modi is staying in the most secure hotel on Earth – King David Hotel, Jerusalem. But security comes at a price, and this epidemic stay will surely dent the Indian treasury of Rs 1.07 Crore per night, just the hotel rent!

Modi is on a historic visit to Israel as he is now the first Indian Prime Minister in 70 years to visit the Jewish state, with an aim to deepen and strengthen Indo-Israeli relations. On the 3-day trip, Modi is staying in King David Hotel located in the heart of Jerusalem which is considered to be one of the safest place on Earth and is the safest hotel on the entire planet. So Modi has no excuse for not having a good night sleep while he stays in the hotel which is touted to be safe from bomb and even chemical attacks.

King David Hotel, which has been the choice of stay for last three US Presidents including Donald Trump, is located on the main road in Old City of Jerusalem and even the road has restricted access for vehicles or individuals. With no compromise on security, the Presidential suite is said to be designed in such a way that it can withstand firmly even if the entire building is collapsed; and in such situation, the suite will come down in a pod which would keep the inhabitants of the hotel suite unharmed. The exteriors of the hotel are made of concrete and steel, window glasses are bullet-proof and rocket-proof, and the AC is gas proof. Not forgetting the trustworthy staff, every member of King David staff is vetted by Israel’s Shin Bin security service.

Before Modi’s arrival, all 110 rooms of the hotel were vacated and special arrangements for vegetarian food were made specially. But all this lavishness comes at cost because on an average, a room at King David’s costs $1500 per night which means that booking the entire hotel would cost $1,65,000 so translating it to Indian currency, it would cost the Indian Government a massive Rs 1.07 Crore per night! And don’t forget added charges of additional Z security of Israeli intelligence, food, transportation and much more; that figure is just for the staying fee! But that is all for security, you know.