Every year generally monsoon reaches the south-west part of India in the first week of June; perhaps this year, monsoon has already knocked the doors of Kerala from May 29 onwards – a bit earlier that its regular mark.

The India Meteorological Department website shows the monsoon has already reached Kerala on May 29, Tuesday – a bit earlier than it is each year; henceforth proving the prediction by IMD of May 29 for monsoon this year to be 100% accurate. Also, the climatic conditions are favourable for the monsoon to move forward in the remaining parts of Kerala and some parts of coastal and south interior Karnataka during next 48 hours. Moreover, the department has predicted a normal monsoon for this year, with total rainfall during the four-month period to remain at 97 percent of a 50-year average. According to the statistics, rainfall between 96 percent and 104 percent of the long-term average is considered to be normal.

For a monsoon dependent country like India, the early onset of monsoon is good news as it will give farmers a chance to begin the plantation of major crops like rice, soybeans, cotton and pulses ahead of its normal routine. Also, the occurrence of a good monsoon is highly important for the country from social, economic and environmental point of view. It is especially critical for country’s agricultural sector as monsoon accounts for more than 70 percent of country’s annual rainfall and fills up the dams and reservoirs which are vital for irrigation of crops. Irregular rainfall or a deficit of it in the earlier part of the season can delay sowing and decrease crop output.

Moreover, as the years are passing by, every year the heat of summer is getting intensified and unbearable for many people across the country. In such a situation, the early arrival of monsoon in southern India is all the more welcoming and can be considered as a blessing in disguise for the people who were feeling summer stuck since the past three months in the country. The early arrival of monsoon is surely a relief from dreadful heat of summer and a reason to cheer and feel happy about the delight and joy that coming monsoon will bring along with it.